EMQS License Plates

Montana Quilters can have their own legal specialty Montana License Plate!

  • This beautiful plate features a stack of three Montana Quilt Blocks in the colors of our State Flag, on a Big Sky Blue background, with “Montana Quilter” across the bottom.

  • The Montana Quilter Specialty plate is available through your County’s License Plate office.
  • You may have standard state numbers – or Vanity lettering.
  • We are the first state to have a Quilter’s Specialty plate available.
  • The Montana Quilter Specialty plate is sponsored by the Eureka Montana Quilt Show, the Outdoor Quilt Show in Eureka, each August on the 1st Saturday.
  • You can even get one just to display on your quilt room door!


Q: Do I have to wait until my stickers are up for renewal to get a “Montana Quilter plate?
A: No, you may get the new plate at any time; the stickers will stay the same on the new plate.

Q: How much do the “Montana Quilter” plates cost
A: In addition to the standard fee for your vehicle, the initial issue of the plate is $35.00 of which $15 goes to the state to make the plate and $20 to Eureka Montana Quilt Show. Each year that you renew the plate the additional cost is $20.00, which goes to Eureka Montana Quilt Show.

Q: May I personalize my “Montana Quilter” plate?
A: Yes, up to six character can be put on the new plate.

Q: I currently have a handicap plate. May I have a handicap “Montana Quilter” plate?
A: Yes.

Q: If I have a permanent plate on my car may I get a “Montana Quilter” permanent plate?
A: Unfortunately, no.

Q: If I do not have a Montana registered car may I get a “Montana Quilter” plate?
A: Yes, as a sample plate. You may also customize it if you would like, up to six characters. They are available on our web site.