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MT Quilters License Plate

Have you seen them around?

Montana Quilters can have their own legal specialty Montana License Plate! You can even Order a Plate for your Sewing Room Door!

Montana Quilters Plate Q&A

  • This beautiful plate features a stack of three Montana Quilt Blocks in our State Flag Colors, on a Big Sky Blue background, with “Montana Quilter” at the bottom.
  • The Montana Quilter Specialty plate is available through your County’s License Plate office. You may have standard state numbers or vanity lettering.
  • We are the first state to have a Quilter’s Specialty plate available. The Montana Quilter Specialty plate is sponsored by the Eureka Montana Quilt Show.
Q1: Do I have to wait until my stickers are up for renewal to get a “Montana Quilter plate?

No, you may get the new plate at any time; the stickers will stay the same on the new plate.

Q2: How much do the “Montana Quilter” plates cost?

In addition to the standard fee for your vehicle, the initial issue of the plate is $35.00 of which $15 goes to the state to make the plate and $20 to Eureka Montana Quilt Show. Each year that you renew the plate the additional cost is $20.00, which goes to Eureka Montana Quilt Show.

Q3: May I personalize my “Montana Quilter” plate?

Yes, up to six character can be put on the new plate.

Q6: If I do not have a Montana registered car may I get a “Montana Quilter” plate?

Yes, as a sample plate. You may also customize it if you would like, up to six characters.   For more information, visit the DOJ driving site here

Tourism Support

The Eureka Montana Quilt Show Foundation supports the annual Eureka Montana Quilt Show (EMQS) and other community 501(c)(3) non-profit groups, some of which are instrumental in making the quilt show a success. 


Some of our community 501(c)(3) non-profit groups, which are instrumental in making the quilt show a success are invited to apply for donations, our donation request form is here!